Kristaps Porzingis' star power is growing.

Kristaps Porzingis, the young stud for the New York Knicks, seems to have picked up the NBA game on and off the court rather quick.  His marketing game is lifting off with a strong team around him.

Recently Porzingis revealed a new logo in Knicks orange and blue, see below.

It seems he's inked a deal with Body Armour sports drink and... 

He plans to play in a street ball game in Athens, Greece with the Antetokounmpo brothers.

Porzingis seems on his way to superstardom and has a team around him to keep him grounded. 

Sky's the limit for this kid!

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Hornacek/Knicks negotiations longer than expected - brother John Hornacek seems confident deal gets done.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
It was reported more than a week ago that the New Yorks and Jeff Hornacek agreed in principle to hire Hornacek as the Knicks next head coach.  Since then we've seen several coaches agree to deals while Knicks fans begin to get antsy.

Well frett not.  A tweet from John Hornacek, owner of Hornaceks Golf and brother of Jeff sent out a tweet that broods confidence a deal gets done.  

Through his Hornaceks Golf Twitter handle John gave the following tweet:

Is John giving us a clue that the signing is imminent and fans need not worry? Shall we see a signing soon?

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Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Since the news leaked that contract negotiations are simply formalities to Jeff Hornacek becoming the head coach of the New York Knicks, it's has been assumed and reported Hornacek will not run the triangle offense.  The assumption comes from the appearance that Hornacek has no connection to Phil Jackson and the uptempo offense he crafted for the Phoenix Suns, a guard-heavy team that was best suited for an uptempo style of play.

I think we should hold on to that thought for a NY minute.

Take some time and read the article, "It's Not a Riddle At All: What led the Knicks to Jeff Hornacek" by Harvey Araton of the NY Times.  The article details Hornaceks experience with principles of triangle and connection to Phil Jackson. 

According to Araton, Hornacek played under head coach Cotton Fitzsimmons for the Phoenix Suns and became an All-Star guard averaging 20.1 points per game in 1991-1992 playing under an uptempo system that utilized principles of the triangle.  Fitzsimmons was an assistant to Tex Winter, who is considered the architect of the triangle. Fitzsimmons implemented the triangle beginning in 1988 to lead the Suns to 48 and 49 wins before moving to the more uptempo style with triangle principles that helped Hornacek become an All-Star.

Guess who was a rookie for the Suns in 1988 - Steve Kerr. Guess who played with Kerr in 1988 - Jeff Hornacek.  Both played in the triangle.

Guess who is close with Steve Kerr. Guess who learned the triangle from Tex Winter and used him as his mentor. Guess who coveted Hornacek as a player because of his triangle principles - Phil Jackson.

See the connection? Understand why Jackson would entrust Hornacek?  Think Hornacek might use principles of the triangle?

Let's not dismiss the triangle just yet.

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