Joakim Noah reportedly recruiting for the Knicks

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Ever since Derrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks, Joakim Noah has been linked to the team.  Rose admitted to recruiting Noah during his introductory press conference. 

It seems like Noah may already be committed to the Knicks.  Chris Broussard seemed very confident on First Take that Noah will sign with the Knicks and it is now being reported that Noah is recruiting Courtney Lee, who is reported to be one of the Knicks top targets at shooting guard.

Jeff Hornacek recently said his first priority is to add a defensive minded center.  Noah fits the bill.  Hornacek also said he'd like to add a shooting guard that can knock down the three and defend. Lee is exactly what Hornacek is wants.  It bodes well for team chemistry to have your first choice at center recruiting your first choice at shooting guard. This is the kind of team culture Phil Jackson has been working to build.

The $30 million dollar question is if the Knicks can fit Noah and Lee into the salary cap as well as fill out the roster with noteworthy role players.

Free agency begins 12:01 AM July 1.

KNICKS - Free Agency Timeline of Rumors, Trades and Signings

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With the league cap projected to rise to $94 million, every team in the league will have cap space to spend.  Teams and owners will need to adjust to the new spending environment and the players will likely benefit.  Rumors of players teaming up, potential salaries and the cities in which players might land has the league buzzing.  This is an important summer for the league, team owners, the players, and the NBA Players Association.  What happens this summer, will blaze the trail to what happens next summer when we might see potentially the best free agent class in NBA history with another rising salary cap. 

Free agency officially begins at 12:01am on July 1.  Players and teams can negotiate and make commitments but contracts cannot be signed until July 7 when the NBA moratorium is lifted.  The moratorium is used to calculate money profited the previous fiscal year to determine the exact cap amount. Until July 7, teams will not know the exact cap space.

With that being said, let's take a look at the Knicks current salary situation and discuss their potential cap space.  The Knicks currently have approximately $55 million committed to five player contracts and a qualifying offer to Langston Galloway. With the cap projected to be $94 million, it would seem the Knicks have $39 million to spend in cap space, but the salaries below do not calculate cap holds.  Cap holds are placeholders for players the team expects to sign in the future, i.e., 1st round draft picks or the teams own unsigned free agents.  The Knicks must also place a hold of $543,471 for each unfilled roster spot, which is called an "incomplete roster charge." The Knicks have several of their own free agents they may look to sign such as Lance Thomas, Langston Galloway and possibly Kevin Seraphin and Cleanthony Early.  The salary projection below already includes Galloway's cap hold,  with the cap holds of Thomas, Seraphin, and Early, the Knicks will have approximately $32 million in cap space remaining.  Adding the four players mentioned to the five already under contract, the Knicks would have 9 roster spots filled, meaning they would have 6 incomplete roster charges - this brings the cap space down to approximately $29 million.  Factor in the partially guaranteed contracts of Ron Baker and Marshall Plumlee and the Knicks have between $28 and $29 million in cap space. 

The Knicks can choose to renounce every player.  The Knicks will not have cap holds on any player they renounce.  If they renounce every player, they will have 10 incomplete roster charges, which would bring their cap space to approximately between $33 and $34 million.  The Knicks will most likely renounce all of their players to keep the maximum cap flexibility. 

With all the cap mumbo jumbo out of the way, let's take a look at recent trades, signings, and rumors.  I will keep this list updated as events take place and discuss how it impacts cap space. 


- Jamal Crawford

June 2 - The Knicks officially announce Jeff Hornacek as the 28th head coach in franchise history. (Does not impact the salary cap)

June 22 - Knicks acquire Derrick Rose by trading Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez to the Chicago Bulls for Justin Holiday, a 2017 second round pick and Rose. (This trade is already reflected in the salary projection above)
June 23 -  With no draft picks the opted not to buy into the draft.  Immediately after the draft the Knicks announce the signing of Ron Baker to a partially guaranteed contract. (Cap implications reflected in the paragraph above)
June 24 - Knicks sign another undrafted rookie to a guaranteed contract in Marshall Plumlee from Duke. (Cap implications reflected in the paragraph above)
June 24:  Knicks hold press conference for Derrick Rose where he says "Thank You" to the Bulls for send him to the Knicks. Says he already spoke to Joakim Noah about joint the Knicks.
JOAKIM NOAH RUMORS: Speculation begins about Noah joining the Knicks amidst his friendship with Rose and the fact his is a New York native. Noah is spotted at a New York night club with Rose. 

KEVIN DURANT RUMORS: As Durant continues his promotional tour of the new KD9 Nike sneaker he lands in New York. He is spotted having a private dinner and working out with Carmelo Anthony.  He is also spotted at a night club hanging out with Knicks player development personnel Chris Brickley.  Durant was non-committal on a Knicks meeting, but Anthony, who claims to have been recruiting Durant says he considers himself as part of the Knicks and that the meeting has already taken place. 
KNICKS INTEREST: Reports come out about the Knicks having interest in several players who most have mutual interest including - Jamal Crawford, Kent Bazemore, Joakim Noah, Timofey Mozgov, Dwight Howard, Courtney Lee

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So Close to Coaching Carmelo

In 2000, I moved from Albany, NY to Baltimore, MD. I worked as a counselor for young men who were being released from a youth detention center to a community based foster care program. I dealt with some of the most ruthless young men in the city. From counseling real drug dealers and murderers, to wanna be drug dealers and murderers. It wasn't an easy job. It was joyful, painful, physical and emotional. It was difficult to you watch young African American men becoming institutionalized from the age of 12. They thought it was cool, but in reality, it signified the regression of young black men in America. I don't want to get to deep here, it's a story for another day, I just needed to paint a picture while adding a little social commentary.

Needless to say we needed tough, strong counselors from the same neighborhoods as these kids. In 2001, we hired a counselor by the name of Carlton. He was about 6'6"and 300 pounds and he rocked a gold tooth; yeah he was about that life! At the time, I coached the basketball team for the program. Carlton would come in and assist. These kids were aggressive so from time to time we had to jack a couple of these guys up!  I mean.... we had to execute a "therapeutic restraint".

Carlton frequently spoke to me about his trips out of town with his AAU team, the Baltimore Select. He was especially proud of this one kid he coached he called "The Big Stat Sheet". Sitting in front of a wall dawned with Carmelo Anthony newspaper clippings from the Baltimore Sun; he said "Yo Sim, this kid is a beast! His name is Carmelo, but we call him The Big Stat Sheet, you gotta see him!" He told me he was going D-1 without a doubt and Syracuse was probably his first choice. I mean, I heard this same story so many times I kind of shrugged it off, my response, "aight that's wassup". One day, after practice he asked me to coach with him. He wasn't the head coach, he was an assistant, but said they could always use the help. I told him I'd think about, but I kind of knew I couldn't. He kept asking and nagging me, "You got to come see Carmelo!" I lived an hour away and after coaching the kids at the program, then coaching his team, I wouldn't get home till 10 P.M. every night, so I told him I couldn't. I mean I had a wife and kids at home right? RIGHT?

Carlton left the program a few months later. Me? I forgot all about Carmelo, "The Big Stat Sheet". Then in the spring of 2002, while relaxing watching the McDonalds All-American Game, I seen some kid named Carmelo Anthony from Baltimore in the finals of the slam dunk contest. I jumped off my couch, eyes wide open, jaw dropped! "OH ----!" is all I could mutter. Then I thought, "nah that aint him, this kid probably aint even going to Syracuse". Then what pops on the screen? "Carmelo Anthony - Committed to Syracuse".

I was dumbfounded! I had the chance to coach this kid! I mean how could I blow that opportunity! Un-freakin-believable! So I followed his career. He goes on to win the national championship at Syracuse, lead the Denver Nuggets to the playoffs, become a superstar, star in Melodrama and eventually become the franchise player for the New York Knicks. You better believe I was hyped during Melodrama. I even hit up Carlton and said "Yo, you need to hit up Carmelo and tell him he needs to get to the Knicks!" Carlton never hit me back on that, he just invited my team to an AAU tournament 😒

Always, I'm always like, "Damn! I was Oh so close to coaching Carmelo".

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